Monday, August 31, 2009

My last post

On the eve of my retirement from govt service, I wish to thank all stakeholders of TePP for their support. This is my last post in this blog. I will continue to blog at:

My personal e mail ID is indiainventsathotmaildotcom

Indian Innovators Association

Monday, August 24, 2009

Coimbatore and Ooty meetings

TePP Innovators exhibition was held on 6to8th Augsut in Coimbatore. See photographs at:

TUC coordinators meeting was held in Ooty on 10th and 11th August. See photographs at

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tutorial for Technopreneurs

Greeting on Independence day.
beta version of `Tutorial for Technopreneurs' is unveiled on 10th August 2009 at TUC coordinators meeting. Take a look:

Many people approach me or TePP outreach centers for general information on govt funds and for basic information on patenting, VC funding, innovation planning. The text is prepared to answer most of general queries. If anything is missed, let me know.

This web version is developed by technoFIRST with support of TUC, Technopark.

Nat Geo `Shaping the future' competion

Shaping the future is a nation wide campaign to identify the promising innovations that can make a difference to our lives. Registration is online and ends by midnight of 29th August 2009. TePP, the natural partner for all innovation competitions, is involved in this major media event of Nat Geo. All promising innovators would be eligible for TePP grants.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Liberal support to grass root innovators in Phase-11

TePP Promotion Board approved liberal support to grass root innovators in Phase-11, S3T category.As against the norm of max 50% project cost, the grass root innovators will now be eligible for max of 75% of approved project cost. The cap remains at Rs 45 lakhs as grant.

TePP innovators exhibition, Coimbatore

Exhibition of TePP facilitated innovations is coordinated by TUC, STEP-PSG on 7th August at Hotel Residency , Coimbatore. Due to space constraint all that showed interest could not be accommodated. The exhibition runs parallel with Asia Pacific conference on business incubation.

TePP innovator raises funds from ICICI Lombard General Insurance

SIIC (SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre) loacted in IIT Knapur is supporting TePP innovators as TUC. Eleven innovators were supported by the TUC with grant totalling Rs 79 lakhs. Weather Risk Management Solution pvt ltd (WRMSPL) one the TePP supported incubatee signed agreement with ICICI Lombard General Insurance for equity investment.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Rice Husk Power plant

Want to set up a power plant with rice husk as raw material? Contact Husk Power Systems, who are in the news after getting DFJ/CISCO award. Can see their plant running in Bihar. This technology is brought home by NRI students of Bihar. Seed capital support was received from Shell Foundation.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

TePP innovator Natarajan Rayar looking for business partners

TePP innovator Natarajan Rayar developed and demonstrated at pilot level technology for producing starch/ SAGO without polluting water. The existing SAGO units use water (1:5.5) to grind the 1 ton of SAGO and produce 40,000 liters of effluents . The waste water is highly pollutant and they are posing problems to environment. The newly developed machine will solve the problem of pollution as it does not use water for grindings (patent no 196297). For expansion , he is looking for business partners. Contact:


M/s. Nasel Starch Industries( TePP -Project)


Sendurai-TK, Perambalur Dist, Pin-621804.

Tamil Nadu, India.

Email: Phone:04331261444, 291133

Patented, disposable, Nasal filter

Innovator Suresh Taywade developed a Nose Cap , alternate for mask, to handle dust. He is looking for business partners. Contact:
Suresh Taywade
Orange Villa
Shankar Nagar
Dt Chhindwara
MP- 480334

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Advanced Hand Cart

TePP innovator K.X.Benedict of Cochi is a serial innovator. He is looking for partners to commercialize his rural innovations in many parts of the country. One such an innovation is Advanced Hand Cart. It has a universal type third wheel, an electric bell, a head lamp, a removable shade, can carry containers upto 3 ton with a loading system. Contact:
Kurupacherry House
Ochanthuruth\Kochi- 682508
Ph: 0484 2502607

Sunday, July 05, 2009


After working for a year as Network partner, Technology Business Incubator (TBI) at University of Madras (UOM) is accredited a TePP Outreach Centre (TUC). The new TUC starts with innovator base of over ten with another 10 in pipeline.
Contact person:

Dr. G. Gangi Reddy
Managing Director
Technology Business Incubator (TBI)
University of Madras
Taramani Campus, Chennai - 600 113
Ph : 044 - 2454 0038 / 7215 / 7216
Fax : 044 - 2454 0039
Mobile : 98405 97373

Saturday, July 04, 2009

nVision competition

Idea content from nVision is one. The winner can get Rs 1 lakh. For detail see:

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Asia Pacific Incubation Network (APIN)

APIN is organising 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Business Incubation: Global Recession- An opportunity for business incubation? during August 6-7 , 2009 at Coimbatore, India. For details contact, K.Suresh Kumar, PSG -STEP, stepatpsgtechdotedu.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

GE Edison Challenge 2009

The Edison Challenge is to design an innovative technological solution to the energy requirements of a community of moderate or medium size. The energy requirements for households and institutions in rural or semi-urban communities are diverse - electrical, thermal, mechanical, etc. There are also several natural and other resources that are available as potential sources of energy. These may be underutilized or, at times, overexploited. The crucial need is for solutions that demonstrate their practical feasibility and ability to scale up to the required levels.
Challenge: Your task is to choose a rural community with about five hundred to one thousand houses near your home or college. Your challenge is to understand the community’s energy requirements, investigate the available resources, and then propose a novel technology/methodology that is sustainable and cost-effective to improve the energy scenario in the community. The baseline you are starting with and the improvement in energy availability you aim to achieve must be quantified clearly in your report. You could look at newer sources of energy or novel energy conversion technology. You could also explore making current processes more efficient. The solution should not only address the community’s current unmet needs but also improve the quality of life beyond what it currently is. You should test and validate your solution or concept. In addition, you are expected to provide a plan for spending up to Rs 20,000 for further testing and validation. This is a challenge India and all countries in the world see as critical today, and this is your chance to take it up! The links on this page can provide you useful information. You are, of course, encouraged and expected to go beyond and innovate on your own.
The Techno Entrepreneurial Promotion Program (TEPP) wing of the Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India will recognize the 20 finalists of the GE EDison Challenge 2009 with seed money of Rs. 20,000 for "Proof of concept"
Launch 29 June 2009
Last date for entries 31st August 2009
Announcement of Top 20 15th Sept. 2009
Finals at JFWTC 5th and 6th November 2009.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Fifth International Fab Lab Forum and Symposium on Digital Fabrication

This event will gather both field practitioners and laboratory researchers for a week of hands-on workshops and a one day symposium on the principles and applications of digital fabrication. It is being hosted in Pune, India, from August 16-21, 2009, by a team including the College of Engineering, Pune, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Vigyan Ashram, the National Innovation Foundation, the Fab Foundation, the MIT-India Program, and MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. The contact for registration (based on available space) and logistics (including lodging and visas) is

FAB5 follows earlier events in the US, South Africa, and Norway; there's background on fab labs and digital fabrication here.

TePP plans to support TUCs in setting up Fab Labs.

The manthan awards

Nominations for 2009 are open.Last date July 31 2009. Awards are given for E Business, Community broadcasting, E Culture, E Education, E Enterprise etc.

I Create

I Create has developed a successful Skill Based Entrepreneurship Training Program in partnership with the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), New York, which has won several awards for its practical entrepreneurship curriculum. For the past seven years, I Create has trained disadvantaged women and youth to start their own micro and small businesses in India and provided employability skills to thousands of youth.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Investment offer from iira

Varadarajan Krish, Co-Founder & President, Investment Innovation & Research Alliance, Bangalore offers to TePP innovators funds , mentoring , global connectivity & other value added services, in Phase-2 and in subsequent phases. See detail at:

Nokia Life Tools Agriculture services

Nokia Life Tools Agriculture services aim to plug the information gaps and needs of farmers, by providing information on seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, market prices, and weather (temperature, rainfall, wind conditions) via their mobile phones. Models Nokia 2330 and 2323 are compatible with this service.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Innovators meet at Hubli & Bangalore

Will be meeting innovators at Hubli on 17th June and at Bangalore on 18th June. Hubli meeting is coordinated by TUC, Suratkal and Bangalore meeting by TUC, Bangalore.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

TePP innovator gets investment from Mumbai Angels

TePP actively encourages innovators to seek investment from Angel investors. Innovator Kranti, recently finalised agreement with Mumbai Angels. See his advise `How to create interest and negotiate with angel investors'.

This is the story of Dhama Apparel Innovations (DAI), a start up funded by TePP phase I and II. DAI has developed apparel and accessories that act as personal air conditioning systems. We have a developed a, heating/cooling jacket, helmet and neck scarf. If you are interested in finding out more information, kindly visit,

When the company was started, the main promoter of the company was Kranthi Kiran Vistakula. My main vision was to build a team and raise finances for the technology he had developed. Spearheading, with in a year I expanded his company strength to four personnel and have made presentations to many angles and VC firms. We made presentations to TATA Industries, Mumbai Angels, Indian Angel Network, Reliance Technology ventures and many more investors. I feel that the key with these investors is to generate interest but showing the advantages of the technology and demonstrating advanced stage of product or technology development. Investors mostly care about the technology and risks associated with it and are less worried about the market figures at the initial stages. This does not meet that the market part should be left out, a through market analysis have to be prepared along with a strategy to enter market. Once significant interest has been generated with the investor, they get into the details and at this point most value is given to the business model and how do you want to grow the company and what will be the exit for the company.

The most critical stage of the negotiation with the investors is the valuation of the company and the terms in the term sheet. It is to the advantage of the company in valuation to show or generate as much customer feedback or customer interactions. Showing that you are very close to the market can generate higher valuation and you have taken all steps to minimize the risk. After this is the background check, reference check, due diligence and legal due diligence.

In summary, the key to getting funded by investors is to generate a significant interest in the technology and keeping things as transparent as possible by identifying the risk and showing a risk mitigation strategy. The investors are not only investing in the company, they will also promote the company so it is to our advantage to keep things as transparent as possible to build a long lasting relation.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Technologies from NEIST

RRl, Jorhat , now renamed as North-East Institute of Science & Technology has been known outside North Esat for its VSK Mini plant with 39 plants. In states of North East, they have developed and transferred technologies for several aromatic plants, important is Citronella cultivated over 3400 hecters producing 360 tonnnes of oil every year. The economic crops developed at the lab (to some extent )changed the environmentally damaging practice of shifting cultivation-Jhum.See for list of technologies available at

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Venture Center Library, Pune

Innovators and entrepreneurs of Pune can now access large volume of resources at Venture Center Library. Address: 100, NCL Innovation Park, Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune - 411008, +91-20-2590-2984, Fax: +91-20-2589-3104, Email:, Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm (except public holidays)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hair Growth inhibitor

Romataque is a hair growth inhibitor developed by Ms Mrinmayi Bhusan. The product is launched in market by GrasRoot Nutrition. The innovator is supported under TePP. A seminar on the product is scheduled on 15th May at BSES Municiapl General Hospital, Mumbai. Contact person:

Bhushan Vishwanath

Mindfarm Novatech P Ltd
'Vishwa-Pushpa', 992/93/14, Rajendra Nagar,
Pune 411030 MAH India
Tel : +91.20.24537601 Fax : +91.20.24537601 Cell :+91.9373301418
Mail : Contact@Mindfarm.Org Web :

Friday, May 01, 2009

Meeting innovators of J&K

Meeting with innovators is scheduled on 16th May at Gandhi Bhavan, Kashmir University.
Contact person:
Prof. G. M. Bhat,
Director USIC,
The University of Kashmir,
Hazratbal, Srinagar-190006,
(M): 09419404789, 09797133183
E mail ID:

Preliminary screening of proposals will also be carried on the same day for funding under TePP.

North East Innovators meeting on 5th May

Meeting of innovators from North East is scheduled on 5th May at Dimapur
Contact person:
Prof. K. Kannan
Vice Chancellor
Nagaland University
Kohima – 797 001, Nagaland
Tel: 91-370-2290488 (O), 91-370-2242701 (R), Fax: 91-370-2290349 (O)
91-370-2290246 (O)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Venture Capital Assistance from SFAC India

Small Farmers Agri Business Consortium (SFAC) provides venture capital assistance in the form of equity to farmers subject to a cap of Rs 75 lakhs. The amount is disbursed thro banks and the equity gets converted into loan after paying term loan to the bank. See details at:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Self Check for TePP applicants

Before you apply, take a self check:
  • What do users want?
  • How to meet the need?
  • Why is my concept better?
  • Do I share my idea clearly?
  • Why I need a prototype?
For more clues see

India's first Open Innovation portal takes off

TePP started Open Innovation movement in India. Two requests for partnership with innovators (RPI) are posted on the TePP portal See:

More on Open Innovation Network philosophy:

Use Innovation network- pose problems or offer to solve problems posted.

Friday, April 24, 2009

TePP invites proposals for 2009-2010 from innovators, start-ups,entrepreneurs

TePP invites proposals from Innovators , Start-ups and Entrepreneurs for funding in 2009-2010 as under:
Grants upto Rs 75,000 (TS category): For student innovator, house wife etc to communicate their novel ideas with drawing, models, simulations etc. This is the first stage on the long road converting `novel ideas' into `revenue streams'.

Grants upto Rs 15 lakhs (TPF category): The main product of TePP and critical phase in innovaton development , converting idea into function proving prototype. All independent innovators are eligible. There is a provision of giving supplementary grants (STF) upto Rs 7.50 lakhs after prototyping for those innovators transferring technology to entrepreneurs.

Grants upto Rs 45 lakhs (S3T): For innovators, start-ups and SSI units to take market acceptance activities like technology adaptation, patent protection, market seeding.

Grants to Entrepreneurs taking CSIR rural technologies to market: This type of entrepreneurs are now eligible for grants under S3T category.

Proposals are accepted all 365 days and support is given as grant without condition of repayment, equity dilution, sharing IP/Technology comercilaisation rights.
For details see:

SRI - Achieving More with Less: A New Way of Rice Cultivation

The System of Rice Intensification, known as SRI, is a set of farming practices developed to increase the productivity of land and water, as well as other resources. WBI has produced a Multimedia Toolkit “SRI: Achieving More with Less – A new way of rice cultivation”, to help disseminate the information and bring awareness to people who may be interested in learning more about SRI. Thetoolkit is available on-line, linked above or here, while the CD-ROM and accompanying booklet are available on request.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Manipal- Philips BOP program

Over the past three years, Manipal University (MU), Karnataka, India and Philips having been working together to acquire a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities in addressing the needs of the “Emerging Consumer” or the “Base of the Pyramid”. Their ambition is to create an ecosystem built around “Open Innovation” that will ultimately meet the aspirations of the emerging consumers. A Base of the Pyramid (BoP) Chair was therefore setup at MU two and a half years back to promote idea generation, concept development, research, community development, rural linkages and student exchange programs. Read the article .
For further information:
Prof Harishchandra Hebbar
MU BOP Office
4th Floor, Innovation Center, MIT
Manipal 576104

Innovators mentored at this center are eligible for TePP grants.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Techpedia is a portal of technology projects for students. Students can upload their project details on the portal. The portal is managed by Sristi.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TePP camp at JB Institute of Engineering

A two day” Technopreneur Promotion Programme 2009” was conducted on 4th & 5th of March at JBIET. The programme was sponsored by A P STATE COUNCIL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY(APCOST) HYD. and Department of Science and Industrial Research , Govt. of India.

Inaugurating the Programme on 4th March 2009, The Chief Guest Dr. Y. Venkata Rami Reddy, Chairman, AP Public Service Commission, advised the youth and participating technocrats to develop ideas to be successful entrepreneurs. The Guest of Honour of the Inaugural function Prof. Ch. Venkata Ramana Devi, Member Secretary APCOST, Govt. of AP. highlighted promotion programmes of APCOST for students and rural youth for developing self employable skills. In his presiding address Sri J. Bhaskar Rao Chairman JB educational society, who himself is a successful entrepreneur and promoter of JB group of institutions said that self confidence and commitment are basic skills for an entrepreneur.

In valedictory session on 5th March 2009, The Chief Guest Sri AL Nageshwar Rao, General Manager, Andhra Bank said that present scenario is not bright for job market and the economy. He suggested students to pursue higher education for sometime and look for ventures with caution to start. The Secretary JB Educational Society, Shri J.V. Krishna Rao asked student to utilize knowledge and experience out of the TePP course in to practice. He congratulated organizers for successful completion of the programme.

The two-day session dealt various issues of entrepreneurship like generation of ideas, continuous creativity, investments opportunities, screening of TePP Films by APCOST with an open forum by the participants. At the end of programme the ideas and creativity to start ventures were consolidated and presented by the participants.

Monday, April 06, 2009

TePP e News Volume1

(Technopreneur Promotion Programme, an initiative of DSIR, Govt. of India)
Vol.1/Mar 09/Page 1

The first issue of TePP eNews can be downloaded from:

Friday, April 03, 2009

Obligation of TePP Innovators

One of the common question we face is -what are the conditions under TePP? Unbelievable to many but true is the fact that TePP imposes no (economic) conditions on the innovators. The entire amount ( max Rs 60 lakhs in phases) is given as grant and that means innovator is not required to return any amount nor he/she is required to part with equity in start-up venture. The IP rights ( Patents, designs, copyrigh etc) all belong to the innovator and government does not take away any of those rights. Further, innovator has all the rights over the technology, it can be sold, assigned, utilised by the innovator and neither innovator needs government permission nor required to pay any royalty.
The return to the government comes by way of taxes, duties etc from successful enterprises. Apart from that , there is a moral obligation on the part of the benificiary to pay back to the society. The best way of paying back the debt is talking about his/ her innovation, the government support that facilitated converting a dream into reality. The tipping point can be reached only when innovator communicates and uses every available platform to communicate- school, college, office, social network,public forum etc.
Among the three parts of communication, the first part from TePP to Network partners is structured, factual data, the second part from Network partners to innovator is less structured. The network partners , called TePP Outreach Centres , can adopt best practices from other vibrant networks to effectively communicate with innovators. The third part, the last mile, and the most important is communication by innovator with the society that relates to him/her. That is unstructured and voluntary and unless that takes place, the presumption of inspiring millions by supporting hundreds remain untested.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Innovators meet at ANU, Guntur

TePP sensitisation camp was held at ANU, Guntur on 9th & 10th March. About 200 students attended the sessions.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Innovators Camp at PSG College, Coimbatore

Workshop for Innovators will be held on 9th April 2009 in PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. Contact TUC Coordinator:
K Suresh Kumar
PSG College of Technology
Coimbatore - 641 004
Phone: 91-422-4363300,4363301
Fax : 91-422-2573833

Friday, March 20, 2009

Agro Business development camp, Patiala

Agro Business Incubator, ICRISAT, Hyderabad in association with Science and technology Entrepreneurs Park of Thapar University are organisig one day Agri Business development Camp in Patiala on 28th March. Interested innovators can contact, Dr Dinesh Goyal (098156 61075) or S.Aravazhi ( 098661 81519)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Innovators meet 2009 at Durgapur

CMERI, Durgapur is organising Innovators meeting at Durgapur on 25th & 26th March 2009. There will also be a workshop on product design for selected TePP innovators. Contact:
Soumya Sen Sharma
Coordinator, TUC-CMERI
Phone: 03436510256 (O), 03436510456 (R), 09232392774 (M)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


TePP Outreach Centre, Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai is organising this innovators meeting on 20th March 2009 at Bhilai.

The Programme – “Innovators Meet and Technovision – 2009” aims at bringing together the persons having innovative ideas and possessing the capacity to transform innovation to entrepreneurship. Such persons may range from students of technical educational institutions to faculty members, research workers, field professionals and practitioners. The Programme further aims at providing an opportunity to young innovators for showcasing the models and prototypes developed by them.

Contact :

Shri B L Sharma, Programme Coordinator : 0788-2261311

Shri M L Deshmukh, Co-coordinator – 9926633310

Shri V K Agarwal. Co-coordinaor – 0788-2261311

TePP Workshop at Udaipur

Next workshop for innovators and start-ups in Udaipur is planned for 30th March 2009. Contact:
Dr. S.M.Mathur
Associate Professor
Department of Farm Machinery & Power Engineering
College of Technology & Engineering
Udaipur-313 001 (Rajasthan)
e mail:
phone: 91-294-2470119 (o), 2471604 (R, 09460028535

TePP counselling center at Rajahmundry

Innovators from Rajahmundry and nearby areas can access government grants for independent innovators under TePP by contacting:

Dr. Sri Nivasa Rao Y, Associate Professor, Department of Geoinformatics, Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajahmundry - 533105, INDIA, Tel:+91 9849082084

Monday, March 09, 2009

TePP on Doordarshan, Simla

TePP Network partner R.KSud, will appear on Doordarshan Kendra Shimla with the topic "Techno-preneur Promotion Programme - an opportunity to the innovative farmers and other innovators" under the progeamme Krishi Darshan at 6.00 - 6.30 pm on 11.03.2009

23rd Shodh Yatra (28th May 2009 to 2nd June 2009) in Dahod, Gujarat

The 23rd Shodhyatra will commence from Ratanmahal in the Dahod district. Ratanmahal is famous for the sloth bear sanctuary. The yatra will traverse through hills and jungles, pausing at villages, hamlets and will proceed towards Bhabhra covering approximately 100 kilometers over a period of five days. The stretch of the shodhyatra route is inhabited primarily by various tribal groups like Rathawa, Nayak, Bhil, Bhilala, Patliya. Bhabhra, where the Shodhyatra culminates is the birth place of the famous freedom fighter, Chandra Shekhar Azad and a small memorial has also been erected here in this honour. Interested in joining? contact:
RAMESH PATEL, Secretary-SRISTI, Editor-Loksarvani, SRISTI INNOVATIONS, Cell Number: +91(79)9825061139(M)

Monday, February 23, 2009

For new designs see
An exhaustive list , delight for all interior designers.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Open Innovation-challenge 1

Overloading of trucks is a known problem.How does police check it? One option is take it to weigh bridge but this option is limited as there are many kilometers of road without weigh bridge. The second option , a more popular one, is measure the deflection in the suspension system. Our smart operators have beaten the system with workshops modifying the suspension system either by reinforcing it or replacing them with spring leaves having higher stiffness value.
Do you have a solution to this problem?

car with compressed air

Serial innovator Kanan Gagoi, mentored by NIF, has come up with another innovation - car running on compressed air which he calls -Pawan -Ex. His other innovations are:

1. Powered hang glider using a 2 stroke motorbike engine .

2. Aeroboat (Shallow bottom boat propelled with on board aero propeller).

3. Amphibian boat using on board aero propeller.

4. Trigo X a tadpole configured (2 wheels at front with 1 rear wheel) 3 wheeled vehicle for personal use with seating for 2 persons.

5. Gravity based bicycle for using gravitational for its propulsion.

6. Electricity generation device from speed breaker.

7. Water bicycle.

8. .Solar Hybrid Car.

9. F-Ray Moving Treadmill for Gym application.

10. “Kontilo” 5.5HP Mini Tractor for ploughing, tilling and rural transportation both for Hilly and plain terrain.

He started a NGO `Innovation Research Centre to support other innovators.

For more details contact,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Proposals invited from Biotechnology Student Teams

BEST-India (Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Student Teams) is aimed at encouraging young postgraduate and doctoral students in developing biotechnology entrepreneurship and exposing them to issues involved in commercialization of bio-science. The scheme is sponsored by The Department of Biotechnology, ( Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India and will be managed and administered by Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises, ABLE – India. ( .
Last date for receiving concept note- 31/03/2009.

Carpenters without fingers

Visitors to Delhi Wood, open till 17th Feb at Pragati maidan, Delhi can visit TePP innovator Vinayaga Pandi in Hall 18, Lower level, shell no A9. He is carpenter, who developed Split type cutter. What is speacial about it? Imagine a carpenter without fingers. Can he survive? That was the fate of several carpenetrs unable to afford expensive cutters and trying out poorly designed local adaptations. He solved the proble with his design and capernters using his tool earn money without losing fingers god has given them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Power of ideas

Indian Angel Network and Economic Times have launched the 'Power of Ideas' Program, to watch out for entrepreneursover 4 months starting January 21 to May 10, 2009.

The key objectives of the program is to discover and encourage entrepreneurship by highlighting the creation of new enterprises, the value of Angel investing, bringing the ventures closer to early stage Investors. The program intends to provide Entrepreneurs with a dynamic platform for interaction with mentors & investors. IAN will vet & short list the Business summaries and bring IAN members as mentors of selected entrepreneurs.

For further details about this unique program and the participation
procedure do log onto:
Contact person: Aditya Roy at .

last date for submissions of Business Summary is Feb.20, 2009.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Multi Purpose lamp from Kashmir innovator

Mr.G.A.Mir is innovator from Kashmir. His Innovation is Multi Purpose Lantern. In his Lateran,
he had fixed a radio as well as a battery operated light in a traditional lantern. This Multipurpose lantern is now ready to market with active support of National innovation Foundation and University of Kashmir.
The Lantern has fallowing properties:
1. Back up for min four days.
2. Bell range about 15 feet.
3. Radio 3 band
4. indicators
1. Low batary
2.full charge
3. on charging
5. mobile can be charged
6. Internal battery can be charged on
' solar panel
For deatils/ bookings conatct:
Dr G.M. Bhat Chairman Gain Cell J&K, Director USIC University of Kashmir, mob:-09419404789,
Syed Nadeem NIf Collabrator ,, , Mob. 09906595175
G.A. Mir Innovator, 01932- 210466

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Got an idea? Post it to share it with others on ideas4all.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pancha Gayya from KrishnaRao

Pancha Gavya, is a Vedic preparation with five cow products - dung, ghee, urine, milk and curd. Sugarcane juice, tender coconut water, fresh toddy and ripe banana too go into it. The yellowish brown liquid smells like dung and urine with a special tang wafting due to the use of ghee, milk and sugarcane. Wing Commander YVKrishna Rao (retd) is one of the advocates of this ancient system and has been demonstrating it in farms in Krisha District. Read about him in Hindu. His email

Friday, January 16, 2009

One Billion Minds

One Billion Minds is a new open innovation network in Beta stage. Indian Students can respond to the challenges posed on the site and win prizes. They also are hiring 12 university innovation ambassadors.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Innovation screening camp at Srinagar on 20th &21st January

A 2 day workshop on `Entrepreneurship Development Through Technology Innovation and
Commercialization' is planned on 20th & 21st January 2009 at Gandhi Bhawan during which eligible innovations for TePP funding will also be screened. Contact:
Prof. G M Bhat
Director USIC &
Chairman GIAN-Cell (J & K)
The University of Kashmir
Hazratbal, Srinagar-190006
M): 09419404789/ 09797133183

Innovation Funding camp at Roorkee on 20th January

Innovation Funding camp will be held on 20th January 2009 at IIT Roorkee. Contact:
Prof PK Ghosh, 01322-285873, 285699

Innovation funding camp at VIT, Vellore on 19th January

Innovation Funding camp is planned to be held at Dr Ambedkar Auditorim , VIT University on 19th January at 1430hrs. All eligible innovators for TePP support are invited to register.
Contact address: The project coordinator, VIT-Technology Business Incubator, 0416-2202303