Friday, April 03, 2009

Obligation of TePP Innovators

One of the common question we face is -what are the conditions under TePP? Unbelievable to many but true is the fact that TePP imposes no (economic) conditions on the innovators. The entire amount ( max Rs 60 lakhs in phases) is given as grant and that means innovator is not required to return any amount nor he/she is required to part with equity in start-up venture. The IP rights ( Patents, designs, copyrigh etc) all belong to the innovator and government does not take away any of those rights. Further, innovator has all the rights over the technology, it can be sold, assigned, utilised by the innovator and neither innovator needs government permission nor required to pay any royalty.
The return to the government comes by way of taxes, duties etc from successful enterprises. Apart from that , there is a moral obligation on the part of the benificiary to pay back to the society. The best way of paying back the debt is talking about his/ her innovation, the government support that facilitated converting a dream into reality. The tipping point can be reached only when innovator communicates and uses every available platform to communicate- school, college, office, social network,public forum etc.
Among the three parts of communication, the first part from TePP to Network partners is structured, factual data, the second part from Network partners to innovator is less structured. The network partners , called TePP Outreach Centres , can adopt best practices from other vibrant networks to effectively communicate with innovators. The third part, the last mile, and the most important is communication by innovator with the society that relates to him/her. That is unstructured and voluntary and unless that takes place, the presumption of inspiring millions by supporting hundreds remain untested.

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