Friday, April 24, 2009

TePP invites proposals for 2009-2010 from innovators, start-ups,entrepreneurs

TePP invites proposals from Innovators , Start-ups and Entrepreneurs for funding in 2009-2010 as under:
Grants upto Rs 75,000 (TS category): For student innovator, house wife etc to communicate their novel ideas with drawing, models, simulations etc. This is the first stage on the long road converting `novel ideas' into `revenue streams'.

Grants upto Rs 15 lakhs (TPF category): The main product of TePP and critical phase in innovaton development , converting idea into function proving prototype. All independent innovators are eligible. There is a provision of giving supplementary grants (STF) upto Rs 7.50 lakhs after prototyping for those innovators transferring technology to entrepreneurs.

Grants upto Rs 45 lakhs (S3T): For innovators, start-ups and SSI units to take market acceptance activities like technology adaptation, patent protection, market seeding.

Grants to Entrepreneurs taking CSIR rural technologies to market: This type of entrepreneurs are now eligible for grants under S3T category.

Proposals are accepted all 365 days and support is given as grant without condition of repayment, equity dilution, sharing IP/Technology comercilaisation rights.
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I really liked the concept of TePP, Good luck

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