Sunday, December 28, 2008

Revival of Kinnal art

Kinnal Art was found and encouraged during the regime of King Krishnadevaraya, Vijayanagar empire in the year 1336. Since from those days, even today this traditional art is being carrying out. But one finds this art only in few families of Kinnal as many others have migrated. The old traditional art is protected by few people . The specialty of this art rest in painting, which is called LAJAWAR painting This paint is prepared by hammering tin 4 to 5 hours, till it gets molten form. After getting this liquid they add colors to paint it. It will not vanish or lasts its glamour, which we can see on the wood, steel and even on the marble and stones especially on the walls and sealing of olden temples and palaces. Usually two 15kg hammers are used for this purpose.

For the few that are carrying out this heritage art till now, the main problem is hammering of tin. Because it takes more time to melt and people who are engaged in this hammering work, they are charging more and availability of man power is less. Because of this reason artisans using artificial paints which will lade very early and genuine artists are concerned of loosing importance of Kinnal Art. Since this pounding of tin is tedious process people engaged in this pounding will get chest pain more offeten. Due to above all factors Kinnal art has lost its luster due to migration to commonly available led based chemical paints.

The whole village celebrated when Anjaneya Chitragar found a new echnique by using Tin pounding (Grinding) machine to get tin in a liquid form.

(as told by Hemanna Chitragar)

Photopgraph shows inventor Anjeneya Chitragar in white shirt. The innovation is funded under TePP by SSIT,Tumkur

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Envision 2008-The National Innovation Contest

Envision 2008 is a product design competition organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur. The winners stand good chance of receiving TePP grants upto Rs 60 lakhs in phases. Last year's runner up received TePP grant. Finals are scheduled on 10th January 2009.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Innovators camp at Pune

TePP will be meeting innovators in Pune on 23rd December. Event is facilitated by IITians of Bombay.
Venue: Hall 2 at MCCIA on Senapati Bapat road
Time: 3-4PM
Contact person: Ajay Pathak, 9822099058

Innovation Camps in Ambala

TePP is organising innovators meet at Ambala on 22nd & 23rd December.
Contact person:
Shri D S Kajal,
ERDC Campus
G.T.Road, Near IOC Depot,
Ambala Cantt.-133001, Haryana
0171 2610418
+91 9416322143

Updated list of TePP Out Reach Centres

Updated list of 28 TePP out Reach Centres (TUC) is posted on DSIR web page
In unrepresented areas, counseling centres attached to TUCs will be opened in near future.
TUC Monitoring Committee is empowered to screen, evaluate & recommend suport to innovations under Micro Technopreneurship Support category and several of them have been sanction till now.

Technology Delivery Centre at Audishankara College of Technology and engineering , Gudur

Audishankara College of Technology and engineering , Gudur with support from TePP organised a innovation exhibition on 19-20th December. Innovators got an opportunity to showcase their products and got accolades form the society.
Display of rural innovations in large number is an essential part of TePP strategy to take innovations to market. The college has come forward to organise this event , first of its kind in country, with large participation by students and public. TePP plans to organise such innovation mela in all parts of country where farmers will get an oportunity to see working models of rural innovations presented by innovators.

PM urges scientists to fight against terror

News papers carried Prime Minister's speech at Shati Swarup Bhatnagar awards on 20th December, where few priority areas were identified for scientists to fight terror- Surveillance systems, cryptography, near real time search and identification from distributed large data bases and computer simulation exercises. While most activities needed heavy resaerch, there are also opportunities for independent innovators and start-ups eligible for TePP support. TePP funded 4 innovators working on innovations of releance to security. There are also cases, where applications in cryptography etc could not be supported as testing at end of the project is not clear. In the coming years , we can expect to suport more security related innovations coming from garage scientists.

Shodh Yatra in Bihar

The Shodh Yatra is organized by SRISTI twice a year. Primarily, the Shodh Yatris, walk around a distance of roughly 250 k.m or so in a span of seven to eight days.

The 22nd SY is being organised from December 29, 2008 to January 3, 2009 , will start from Motihari and conclude in Betiah. , Dr. Ambedkar Sansthan (AWCCDS), Siwan will be the hosts and local organizers.

Contact person:

S.Nadeem (Researcher). (09906595175)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Innovation Camps in North East

TePP will be participating in the exhibition organised during Indian Science Congress at Shillong from 3rd January to 7th January 2009. During this period innovation camps will be organised for interaction with innovators of the region.

For details Innovators may contact:
Prof Fazal A Talukdar, National Institute of Technology, Silchar-788010 (Assam),, 038422-242911, 241313

The proposals will be screened on the spot by TePP officials and TUC cordinators.

SKG Sangha

SKG Sangha headed by Dr Vidya Sagar implements projects in sustainable living. Activities include: Integrated vermicompost bioreactor systems, improved cook stoves, solar lanterns/geysers, large scale organic fertiser production etc. They received several awards like Ashden award, Tech Museum.
SKG Sangha
#532, 2nd main road
Gandhi Nagar
Kolar 563101

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Innovators camp at Hyderabad

Innovators camp scheduled on 13th December 2008 at 9.30 AM in TUC, ICRISAT campus. Interested innovators can contact:

SM Karuppanchetty,Deputy COO,ASP-ICRISAT & Manager,ABI-ICRISAT ,ICRISAT,Patancheru,AP-INDIA

Ph +040 30713414/Mob 09866396443

I will be present to discuss with innovators.

It is part of intensive drive to meet innovators across the country. I had an opportunity to meet several innovators at Chennai on 2-4th December and again at FMS, Delhi on 6th December. After Hyderabad meet, I will be meeting innovators at Bangalore on 15th and at Pune on 23rd.