Saturday, December 20, 2008

Updated list of TePP Out Reach Centres

Updated list of 28 TePP out Reach Centres (TUC) is posted on DSIR web page
In unrepresented areas, counseling centres attached to TUCs will be opened in near future.
TUC Monitoring Committee is empowered to screen, evaluate & recommend suport to innovations under Micro Technopreneurship Support category and several of them have been sanction till now.

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The Buddha said...

Dr Rao,

We are sorely lacking an TUC in Pune. After having so many DST establishments in the city , there is no access to TePP fund directly through either of these.
As far as I see it , its only a matter of having a responsible person take charge at either NCL or any of the other national bodies.
Kindly comment.