Thursday, February 15, 2007

International exhibition for young invntors

Several school children demonstrated their creative out put in the 17th International Engineering & technology Fair held at Delhi from 13th to 16th Feb 2007 . Some interesting ones from abroad:
Vietnam: Seashore garbage collecting machine by 16year old Nguyen Thu Phuong
Thailand: Dust free leaf collecting machine by students of Nong Batao school, Automatic gauge bandage folding machine from students of Sura Nari Witthaya school, Fruit peeling and cutting machine from students of Kraburi school, and latex collecting machine from students of Suratpittaya school,
Srilanka: Energy saving display by student Yenushka Madusanka Dissanayake
Indonesia: Tsunami detector from student Yusmar Purwoko

Kerala boy invents amphibious car

The amphibious Maruti 800 is the brainchild of a mechanic called Vinod, who successfully designed and modified the vehicle over a period of five years at a cost of Rs 8.5 lakh.

Source: NDTV

Monday, February 12, 2007

Creative India 2007

Booklet `Creative India 2007' was released by Secretary, DST during Indian Science Congress held at Chidambaram. This contained brief on 50 innovations facilitated by TePP. Copy of this booklet can be downloaded from DSIR web page `Technopreneur Promotion Programme [TePP]'

Fourth NIF awards

Several grass root innovators received `National Grassroots Technological Innovations and traditional Knowledge awards' from President of India today. The winners of National awards are:
1. Shamrao Parhate- for Shivraj Multipurpose Equipment
2.Satish Deb- for Motek Treadle Press
3.Prem Singh Saini- for Phone operated switch
4.Mohamad Aninuddin Ahmed-Dual security alarm
5.PL Banumurti- for Auomatic Saree Border Weft Insertion
6.S.Shanmugam-for conversion of plain power looms into continuous weft feeding looms
7.Mujib Khan - for retrofitted car for physically handicapped
8.Biju Varghese-for retrofitted car for physically handicapped
9.Ganesamurthy Ansari-for tractor operated stubble shaver
10. Dilip Sinh rana- for whole stalk paddy thresher
11.KJ Baby-for white flowered cardamom variety
12.PN Surulivel-for a new cardamom variety
13.PA Francis-for new style of pepper cultivation
See videos at NIF

Friday, February 09, 2007

Innovaors working on medical instruments

All Indian residents now have complementary access to reliable, up-to-date health research evidence on health care interventions from The Cochrane Library- thanks to sponsorship provided by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).Innovators applying for TePP funds for dev of medical instruments can use the facility to assess status of technology.