Monday, February 12, 2007

Fourth NIF awards

Several grass root innovators received `National Grassroots Technological Innovations and traditional Knowledge awards' from President of India today. The winners of National awards are:
1. Shamrao Parhate- for Shivraj Multipurpose Equipment
2.Satish Deb- for Motek Treadle Press
3.Prem Singh Saini- for Phone operated switch
4.Mohamad Aninuddin Ahmed-Dual security alarm
5.PL Banumurti- for Auomatic Saree Border Weft Insertion
6.S.Shanmugam-for conversion of plain power looms into continuous weft feeding looms
7.Mujib Khan - for retrofitted car for physically handicapped
8.Biju Varghese-for retrofitted car for physically handicapped
9.Ganesamurthy Ansari-for tractor operated stubble shaver
10. Dilip Sinh rana- for whole stalk paddy thresher
11.KJ Baby-for white flowered cardamom variety
12.PN Surulivel-for a new cardamom variety
13.PA Francis-for new style of pepper cultivation
See videos at NIF

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