Thursday, November 29, 2007

Best College Project contest

IdeaWicket , an open innovation portal , invites proposals from students to compete for Best College project. Details:

Electrolux 2007 design awards

The competition for sustainable household appliances and solutions attracted interesting designs. The 8 finalists can be seen on Design Lab TV. See Food waste compost, E-wash, Fog Shower, energy saving fridge, solar powered air cleaner, solar food cooker, detergent free dishwasher, plastic decomposer .

Dignity Toilet

Humanitarian International Design Organization(HIDO) International Design Award was granted for their ground-breaking ‘Dignity Toilet’, a portable sanitation solution ideal for refugee camps and developing countries. Cooler Solutions developed this unique design as a part of their focus on sustainable product solutions. The dignity toilet is a solid waste storage and disposal system for locations where a sanitation infrastructure does not exist. It addresses the issues of sanitation compliance, health and personal dignity. The Dignity Toilet provides sanitary storage for solid waste for four people for approximately 7 – 10 days. After that period, the toilet is removed from its dock and taken to a controlled area. It’s then manually augered into the soil where it evacuates its contents, mixes the waste with soil and buries it in the ground for decomposition. Mike lovelss and Terence woodside were the designers from Canada.

Other interesting design is water less self sufficient toilet by Mauro Mufatti of Italy.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Alternate fuel vehicles

TePP receives many proposals for battery operated/ solar operated/ bio fuel operated/ hybrid vehicles. This interview with Darryl Siry gives some insights of the technology-market. Read:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wood Gassifier By Addul Aziz

Abdul Azis of Dindigul has been experimenting with biomass gasification and has been supported under TePP to develop an improved gasifier . He succeeded in separating Tar and converting Pyro acid into a combustible gas. Dr L Cyndrilla, Dept of Chemistry, NITT guided the project as expert.

camera mouse for low vision people

The utility innovation `camera mouse for low vision people' developed by Innovator MS Raju was accepted by the market. Orders were received from:

  • Christopher Blinden Mission India
  • National Association for the Bind
  • Omtao Scientific Apparatus
  • VA Incorporated USA

Friday, November 16, 2007

CIIE-Solar Innovation Program

CIIE @IIM Ahmedabad has launched Solar Innovation Program with the support
from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
Solar Innovation Program attempts to promote out-of-box thinking amongst students
towards solving India's energy problems.
Teams comprising of students and faculty are requested to forward their
exciting ideas
on utilizing solar energy
Top three ideas get 4 lakhs of funding for prototyping,
2 months summer internship at IIMA and chance to get incubated at IIMA.
Last date for application is 30th November 2007 .
For further details and application visit

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Check List fro TePP applicants

A check list for applicants is placed on TePP pages of DSIR website.
Before You Apply - Check
Following this check list will make the application complete.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Technology Angels

Responding to TePP advertisement several experts have come forward to support independent innovators of India. List of Technology Angels on panel of MoST panel (TePP) is now placed on the web page:

Innovators can approach the technology angels on panel for advice.