Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dignity Toilet

Humanitarian International Design Organization(HIDO) International Design Award was granted for their ground-breaking ‘Dignity Toilet’, a portable sanitation solution ideal for refugee camps and developing countries. Cooler Solutions developed this unique design as a part of their focus on sustainable product solutions. The dignity toilet is a solid waste storage and disposal system for locations where a sanitation infrastructure does not exist. It addresses the issues of sanitation compliance, health and personal dignity. The Dignity Toilet provides sanitary storage for solid waste for four people for approximately 7 – 10 days. After that period, the toilet is removed from its dock and taken to a controlled area. It’s then manually augered into the soil where it evacuates its contents, mixes the waste with soil and buries it in the ground for decomposition. Mike lovelss and Terence woodside were the designers from Canada.

Other interesting design is water less self sufficient toilet by Mauro Mufatti of Italy.

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Ron said...

What a great innovation! Where can you get one of these?