Sunday, February 15, 2009

car with compressed air

Serial innovator Kanan Gagoi, mentored by NIF, has come up with another innovation - car running on compressed air which he calls -Pawan -Ex. His other innovations are:

1. Powered hang glider using a 2 stroke motorbike engine .

2. Aeroboat (Shallow bottom boat propelled with on board aero propeller).

3. Amphibian boat using on board aero propeller.

4. Trigo X a tadpole configured (2 wheels at front with 1 rear wheel) 3 wheeled vehicle for personal use with seating for 2 persons.

5. Gravity based bicycle for using gravitational for its propulsion.

6. Electricity generation device from speed breaker.

7. Water bicycle.

8. .Solar Hybrid Car.

9. F-Ray Moving Treadmill for Gym application.

10. “Kontilo” 5.5HP Mini Tractor for ploughing, tilling and rural transportation both for Hilly and plain terrain.

He started a NGO `Innovation Research Centre to support other innovators.

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