Sunday, February 15, 2009

Open Innovation-challenge 1

Overloading of trucks is a known problem.How does police check it? One option is take it to weigh bridge but this option is limited as there are many kilometers of road without weigh bridge. The second option , a more popular one, is measure the deflection in the suspension system. Our smart operators have beaten the system with workshops modifying the suspension system either by reinforcing it or replacing them with spring leaves having higher stiffness value.
Do you have a solution to this problem?


Neo said...

First I must acknowledge that I don't know much about Weigh bridges, and I was not aware of the problem you mentioned.
But as soon as I saw your challenge, the following thought came to my mind, and just googled out a link.

If the problem is weigh bridges are located kilometers apart, and it is not feasible for police to take vehicles to there, my suggestion is police could use portable weigh bridges.

I hope following link may help-


JAIDEB said...

I have seen this activity and I feel this can be solved. If we desire to get the gross weight of the vehicle , as the weigh bridge do, then a portable device can be developed on the similar line of the hydroulic/pneumatic jacks. The weight of the empty truck is generally mentioned by the manufacturer. The weight of the load can be thus found out, although gross weight is what needed to be checked. Transporters try to remove the items like the spare wheels while taking the weight at weigh bridge. This problems can also be sorted out.
If our goverment desires and requirement is in good amount and someone funds me I can myself develop the device.

Sorabh said...

Use a measure to find the decrease in the diameter of the tyre .for a certain amount of weight the tyre will reduse a perticlar diameter for the right tyre pressure,tyre pressure can be measured by any hand help devise .so u cn find the weight of the material loaded.
please acknowledge if u like the idean and we can work further on it.