Sunday, June 28, 2009

GE Edison Challenge 2009

The Edison Challenge is to design an innovative technological solution to the energy requirements of a community of moderate or medium size. The energy requirements for households and institutions in rural or semi-urban communities are diverse - electrical, thermal, mechanical, etc. There are also several natural and other resources that are available as potential sources of energy. These may be underutilized or, at times, overexploited. The crucial need is for solutions that demonstrate their practical feasibility and ability to scale up to the required levels.
Challenge: Your task is to choose a rural community with about five hundred to one thousand houses near your home or college. Your challenge is to understand the community’s energy requirements, investigate the available resources, and then propose a novel technology/methodology that is sustainable and cost-effective to improve the energy scenario in the community. The baseline you are starting with and the improvement in energy availability you aim to achieve must be quantified clearly in your report. You could look at newer sources of energy or novel energy conversion technology. You could also explore making current processes more efficient. The solution should not only address the community’s current unmet needs but also improve the quality of life beyond what it currently is. You should test and validate your solution or concept. In addition, you are expected to provide a plan for spending up to Rs 20,000 for further testing and validation. This is a challenge India and all countries in the world see as critical today, and this is your chance to take it up! The links on this page can provide you useful information. You are, of course, encouraged and expected to go beyond and innovate on your own.
The Techno Entrepreneurial Promotion Program (TEPP) wing of the Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India will recognize the 20 finalists of the GE EDison Challenge 2009 with seed money of Rs. 20,000 for "Proof of concept"
Launch 29 June 2009
Last date for entries 31st August 2009
Announcement of Top 20 15th Sept. 2009
Finals at JFWTC 5th and 6th November 2009.


Anonymous said...

Sir, I didn't get the much idea of "seed money". But as much as I could make out Rs. 20,000 is a rather meager amount for a village of 500 to 1000 families.

Manish Kumar said...

it is more like - this money is to utilised to prove your concept. not to implement it, say as a pilot plant for the preliminary probes to the test if a large scale deployment is worth it.