Saturday, July 04, 2009

nVision competition

Idea content from nVision is one. The winner can get Rs 1 lakh. For detail see:


Ghosh said...

Well, I have no idea what is your selection procedure for publishing blog in your site.

I have been to nVision competition website. As I was reading through the FAQ to know more about this competition. I figured out that this company have not mentioned any thing about their core intention. All details available are very much supper facial, which any one can say. They dont even have an office address. Their so called LOUNGE has a dead link. Not to mention their blog at tells nothing either.

One every important thing that I want to bring under your notice is that, if you visit their FAQ, it says

"Confidentiality of one’s will be maintained as mentioned under ‘terms and conditions’"

and I could not find a link to Terms and Condition on their site.

May I remind you that people like me who would do any thing to be a business man pays a lot of attention to your blog. Kindly in future please make sure that the parties, willing to participate in your blog, should declare most up to date information.

Hope this is useful to some one :-)

Dr.A.S.Rao said...

Valid point.
Information about this competition was provided to me by a person active in this field. I can only hope the organisers would provide more information to inspire confidence.