Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wind Turbines on roof top

Marquiss Wind Power, based in Folsom, CA, manufactures a unique and patented Ducted Wind Turbine (U. S. Patent Number 7256512) for use in the commercial and industrial building Designed for optimal performance on rooftops.

Another unique design is that of Indian Innovator SasiNarayan, who developed a patented winged vertical axis wind mill.


Purna Bahadur Kharkathoki said...

I have invented new kind of technology in windmill sector which eight time much more better than other general windmill and i am also patent holder.

Our Cyclonic Aero Power Converter is not only trade Purpose, it has social impact also. We all know that besides Cyclonic Aero Power Converter, There are three more patents like( Which we occupy).
1. Pratik Super Generator.
2. Bhuma Aero-Hydro Power Plant
3. Om Cyclonic Hydro Power Plant
Our main motive is to utilize our patent for human beneficial without violating nature. Our Patent or new technology is vital because it produces energy utilizing natural things like wind and water which would never be destroyed.
Our invention is pollution free. Other inventions which produces energy, hampers human life style. But our invention being free from pollution, does not affect the ingrediances and elements of air, we know that global warming is increasing day by day. Due to this glacier has been melting it causes flood. Our invention can avoid these problems and in some cases it can resist also.

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Doyel akter said...

The durability of roofing is a matter of concern because the roof
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