Friday, January 18, 2008

Water filtering tricycle

Google (GOOG), the search giant turned green energy disruptor, has announced the winner in their fatalistically named “Innovate or Die Pedal-Powered Machine Challenge,” . Co-sponsored with bicycle-maker Specialized, the contest asked cycling grease monkeys to make “clean” pedal power work in new and innovative ways.

The winner is Team Aquaduct for their water-filtering tricycle that could help solve water quality issues in the developing world. Designed to hold enough water for a family of four, the Aquaduct filters water while the rider pedals. Using a clutch attached to an idler pulley, the rear wheels can be disengaged so that water can be filtered while the bike is stationary. The team of five engineers who designed and built it will be taking home $5,000 and a couple of Specialized bikes as their prize.

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