Thursday, October 12, 2006

TePP innovator Ramesh Nibhoria

Ramesh Nibhoria's innovation` Sanjha Chulha' was extensively covered in Business World special issue, Volume 26, Issue 21, for the week 10-16 October 2006 under the heading `innovation'. The article by Geetanjali Krishna says Sanjha Chulha (translated it means a combined cookstove) design is simple. It has a combustion chamber into which briquettes are fed at a rate of about 15 kg an hour. Above it are hotplates, designed to provide uniform heat. Three small electric fans control the flow of gases through the stove, providing the primary air flow to get the briquettes burning, and the secondary air to burn the emanating volatile gases. A 400-litre water tank around the chimney absorbs heat from the exhaust gases, and provides hot water for cooking and making tea.His invention has won the 2005 Ashden Award, the green Oscar coveted the world over, which he received from Prince Charles.

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