Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rural technologies from Bhinge Brothers

Bhinge Brothers offers a complete irrigation package to farmers.This package consist of simple and low cost pond liners for collection and storage of water during rains , low cost flexi storage tanks with simple gravity microirrigation kits of various types and Ecoflo Pump.
This Ecoflo Pump weighs just 12 kgs such that even a child can carry it to any place and by simple stepping action can pump upto 5000ltrs of water from a depth of upto 7mtrs to a height of upto 15 mtrs. The Ecoflo pump's piston cylinder and manifold assembly is made in reinforced plastic which makes it very smooth to operate and also gives very long operating life. The use of special microirrigation kits for vegetable and horticulture plants further ensures the best yield with minimum water.
The products include:
  • Plastic sheets -pond liners for rain water harvesting
  • Ecoflo Treadle pump
  • Micro irrigation kits for growing vegetables, horticulture crops
Naren Bhinge
Bhinge Brothers,
Nasik, India
Mobile- +919823067081

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zubin said...

Dear Bhinge Brothers , u have done a remarkable job for rural development in the feild of agriculture, i myself try my level best and will talk with the govt of G&K State for purchacing this pump.......... my best wishs with you and with Dr Rao who r trying his level best for rural development
Syed Nadeem
Honeybee Network J@K
National Innovation Foundatiion