Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Flowering Innovation at trec-step

Highlights of some innovations incubated at trec-step have been provided by Sri RMP Jawahar.

Mr. Karthikeyan is a young incubatee entrepreneur who is now working on array digital X ray technology. He is planning to bring down the cost of Digital X Ray machines and C arms, from minimum of Rs 25 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs, while substantially improving quality and eco-benefits. The quality of results achieved so far, has been greatly appreciated by orthopedics.

Mr. Malaravan is working on Rice Sorter which shall remove coloured (black and brown) rice and improve the price of per kg by Rs 1. Though some Japanese and Korean Machines are available in the market, he is developing a better throughput machine with higher quality sorting. This done by improved design of sorting process by using enhanced PCB Cameras, eliminating multiple processing, high response pneumatic solenoid valve and specially designed nozzles for separating the impurities etc.

The Julie Flora ( Karu Velam in Tamil, Babool Tree in Hindi) is a firewood tree in dry lands across India. After collecting the thicker stems and branches for fire wood, the farmers leave the wastaes which contain thorns and small branches in the land itself which is then burnt openly causing pollution. Now an Engineer Mr.Kannappan and a farmer Mr.Paneerselvam came together and they have designed and fabricated a tractor mounted pulverizer for collecting these cut wastes which is sold to open biomass power plants and open market like hot cakes. The cut wastes have better calorific value since the thorns have higher volatile material and also nearly two thirds of the fire woods wastes have been collected back.

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