Tuesday, March 27, 2007

new windmill from sasi narayanan

Sasi Narayanan of chennai developed a new design of windmill, which the inventor claims also make a good advertisement medium. The product is offered on license and interested parties can contact innovator at:

SASI. N, 29A St Joseph Garden, Omakkulamedu, Madhavaram, Chennai 600060, India

Ph 9444792946, Email – sasin29a@hotmail.com;sasin29a@yahoo.co.in

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Purna Bahadur said...

We invented a new kind of technology in windmill turbine sector, it's eight time much more produce electricity than other windmill turbine sector .
We want use our new kind of technology .

Dear, Sir,
If you have found this project / deal interesting and useful, I am glad.
Kind regards. Your truly,
Purna Bahadur Kharkathoki

Reply, if you please ,

We are confident of getting your patronage and would be glad if you kindly let us know your consent early.

Thanking you sir,
Your faithfully,
Purna Bahadur Kharkathoki

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