Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Training programme on Manufacturing Parabolic Solar Cookers and introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies

PRINCE (Promoters & Researchers In Non Conventional Energy), DHULE is organising a training workshop from 23rd to 25th February 2007.Scope of workshop will include:
1. All manufacturing details of ‘Parabolic Cooker of 1.4 m dia.’. Participants will be involved in manufacturing at least one parabolic cooker from scratch. A manual with all drawings, photographs and instructions will also be given to the participants. Information regarding operation, maintenance will also be practiced and will also be specified in the manual. Participants are expected to conduct all recommended tests on at least one cooker.
2. All details about policies of central and state governments, test procedures, test centers, registration with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, subsidies etc. for these cookers.
3. Costing, material procurement, specifications, marketing strategies etc. for parabolic cookers.
4. A presentation and lectures on “Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy”. Introduction to other renewable energy technologies. These sessions will set tone for the participants for dos and don’ts in renewable energy profession.
5. Introduction and basics of solar thermal technologies including different cooking systems, water heating systems, air heating systems, solar vegetable dryers etc. Special emphasis will be given on following issues.
a. Manufacturing aspects of Solar Vegetable-Fruit dryer for food processing applications. Demonstrations on Solar dryers/air heating system will be held.
b. Different solar water heating systems, criteria for selection of system, capacity calculations. Detailing on installation, commissioning, plumbing, selection of material for pipe and insulation etc.
c. Introduction to ‘Scheffler Concentrators’.
6. Introduction to other Solar concentrating cooking systems like ‘Balcony Solar Cooker’, Community solar cookers etc. Technical details of these systems will be shared with the participants.
7. Organisers will not charge any royalty or technology transfer charges for ‘Parabolic cooker of 1.4 m’ domestic model (SK-14). For other indigenously developed products agreements for royalties will be required.
8. Brief exposure along with demonstrations to other renewable energy technologies like biogas, biomass will also be given.
9. Site visits.
10. One copy of Manual and Certificates will be issued to all participants.

Medium of Instructions: English and Hindi.

Fees: Course fee for the workshop is Rs. 4000/- per participant.

Interested- contact Prof Ajay today.

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Anonymous said...

I read at various papers, sites about parabolic solar cooker- there is a disadvantage of this cooker is that one has to rotate it frequently as the direction of the Sun changes -

Can we fit a timer (like the one fitted in washing machines etc.) so that it can rotate automatically as the Sun rotates ?